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EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY Confidential Letter of Recommendation for Undergraduate Admission Instructions to the Applicant Complete the top portion of this form and give it to the person providing your recommendation. Applicant s Name Last First Middle Applicant s Address City Street State Zip Academic Program Major/Program Semester for which you are applying I have submitted an application for undergraduate admission to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I understand that this...
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[Music] I'm Jeff Stratton and welcome to Monday productivity pointers you may not know this about me but the degree that I graduated in is in communication studies so knowing this I can ask to write a lot of letters of recommendations from friends family members and colleagues I figured that the chances are pretty good that you'll be asked to write one one day if you haven't already so I thought I'd share what I've learned about writing a good letter of recommendation now there's two really good benefits to knowing how to write one of these the first one is you won't have to stress about writing it because it can be very stressful and two you're giving your subject who you're writing the letter for the best possible chance so that they get the job or the admission or whatever you're writing the letter for there's a lot riding on your shoulders when you write a letter like this so hopefully I can show you how to make it as best as it can possibly be I'm actually going to show you two examples real letters of recommendations that I've written for people over the years to make this easy I've compartmentalized it into four important facts so knowing and remembering these four facts will make this a very easy process for you the first fact is brevity shortness when you're writing your letter of recommendation it shouldn't be longer than one page so right away there's some constraints that will make it a lot easier now fact number two you need to remember that it's a formal document in your subject who you're writing the letter for deserves you to take it very seriously so knowing the structure of how the letter needs to be written is just as important as the content then we're going to talk about that fact number three is that you need to know something first you need to know what you're writing the letter of recommendation for for example is it for a college admission or a job if it's for a job what type of job and then finally the last fact what specific examples can you give about you're subject you'll need those so knowing these things will make writing your letter extremely easy once they're all in place and in fact you can write down each of these things on a paper to get your outline then again not knowing these facts will make writing the letter next to impossible you need to know specific examples about who you're writing the letter for and you need to know why you're writing it so let's move on to the letter I've actually got it open on the screen we need to start with the structure first so always the date goes on top followed by an address block underneath it of who you're writing the letter to now if you don't know it's okay to just include a date you then need to follow it up with a recipient now because it's a formal letter instead of a comma you're going to put a colon at the end of it for example I'm addressing this to Carla Anderson from the admissions office of a university so I'm writing this letter on behalf of a student to get...